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Obviously, Ian is known primarily as a musician and over the years whilst travelling the world he has built up a great many contacts in all sorts of creative spheres. From other musicians, composers and producers to artists, photographers and film makers, he now is pooling those resources to undertake new projects and adventures. There are numerous links on this site to see what Ian is all about, but why not do it the old fashioned way? Just drop us a line via mail or if you really want to, give us a call. Ian is extremely busy with lots of collaborations but is always happy to discuss new and interesting projects with you.

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There are lots of projects on the go and at various stages of completion so if you would like to find out more about these for your publication, please don't hesitate to drop us a line.

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Greenhouse Music
The Greenhouse
London, United Kingdom

+44 (0) 7866 817 055
+44 (0) 207 790 0184

Ian is currently undertaking a massive project which moves him a million miles away from where he is placed in peoples minds, but which will hopefully change his and many other peoples lives - The Promises Project. It is an all encompassing music and film enterprise that is already pushing hime to his creative limits in a lot of ways. "I have bitten off far more that I can chew with this concept, but I am daily becoming more comfortable outside of my comfort zone!" Ian.C

Once you have followed the various links with regards to this project, we hope that you will 'get it' too. If it strikes a chord with you and you would like to be involved in any way at all, we would love to hear from you and would very much appreciate your support.

Here are a few more ways to follow Ian online. His blog 'Beats and Pieces' is a collection of the places, people and events that shape his life - from the mundane to the dramatic, this is the perfect platform if you are on the move.

You can receive an occasional mailout from us to keep up to date with things (we won't spam you), and there is more music to find here too - follow the links below.


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Booking Ian for your event - The options

Forget the stereotype… forget the same pattern over and over - 1st Class live musician Ian.C uses the latest electronic drum technology and fx adapted and programmed to compliment the soundtrack of any event around the world. Seeing him lift the crowd at Space Ibiza and around the globe week in week out has made Ian.C synonymous with quality as a very innovative and experienced cutting edge house artist. He has performed in Arenas to thousands of people with a full electronic drum set up and played in more intimate suroundings using a smaller (and very effective) percussion system. . He can adapt his set up to suit your needs and budget.

Whatever you have in mind for your event, rest assured that Ian.C is one of the best in the business and brings a lot to the table. He has in fact never missed a gig in 20 years! He is an experienced professional with the best equipment and unique polished sound - he is the perfect addition to any credible event. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss the options and we'll take it from there.

Working with Ian on other projects...

Okay, so performing at events with DJs is one thing. Ian has also a great deal of experience as a session artist and has undertaken all sorts of challenges working with artists as varied as Nightmares on Wax to Jenny Frost.. “It was a pleasure to work with Ian, he learned a 5 song set in less than 48 hours and delivered it perfectly and with a great vibe. He’s also a good lad to have on board. What more can I say?” Martin O’Shea – Manager, Atomic Kitten.. Ian has been a studio session artist as way back as when he regularly worked for The Lisa Marie Experience and continues to this day - If you have a session in mind - drop us a line - maybe Ian is the one for the job! Finally, Ian has many strings to his creative bow, you only have to see The Promises Project to see what he can achieve - whether it's music, video, graphics, art or multi-media, from concept to execution Ian has years of experience under his belt.

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Quotes from the best..

"I never practice with Ian, never. I listened to him play at Space in Ibiza. He is the first percussionst to not get over the track and disturb the record. When he has to be silent he is silent. The way he keeps the beat is like a machine and melody with percussion is something I have not heard before. He is a humble guy to work with, I am pleased to know him and work with him."
Balearic Beat Innovator DJ Alfredo.